A potent truth

A potent truth

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I didn't disappear. Honest!

I didn't disappear. Honest! I've just been truly lazy about this blog. I've not even slacked off of writing. I have written quite a number of poems of late. It seems the laziness only extends to posting on here. Oh well, here I am, ready to post away. That is, if this ice storm doesn't deprive me of power.
This particular piece I am rather proud of. I know that the human soul is a much pondered upon subject throughout the history of man. Philosophers, musicians, writers, and scientist through the ages have tried to describe, define, classify, understand that intangible force within us all. The very spirit of a person.
I, myself, have spent a great deal of time pondering upon the human soul, the spirit within us. This is merely one of many compositions I have written on the subject. I hope you enjoy it and it doesn't come across too cliche.

Glorious! Terrible!
The soul within
Light with emotion.
Imbued with sentiment.

Love, hope, joy, affection.
Hate, despair, sadness, disdain.
A delicate paradox.

Coruscant, intangible thing
Within us all
How blessed a gift.
How simultaneous a curse.

There you have it! Enjoy! Or not... that is up to you! Have a lovely day!

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